Putiputi (flower)



Step 1) prepare whenu.

Step 2) using your thumb nail, pierce through both whenu. split into even strips.


Step 3)

Separate all the way to the end.


Step 4)

Hapine (soften) te kōrāri with your butter knife on the underside of the whenu.


Step 5)

Alternating every second strip, pull them back and like the picture below, turn the outside strip so it’s in the same position.


Step 6)

Pull the whenu which were brought forward in the above picture so they’re now over the strip we just turned to the left above and below.


Step 7)

Repeat the above steps with the second whenu turning to the left and alternating whenu forwards and backwards as pictured below.


Step 8)

Continue the process in above mentioned steps with each strip turning to the left.


Step 9)

When there’s only one strip left, the mahi will look like this. Like a straight side.


Step 10)

Observe the next three pictures carefully.


Step 11)


Step 12)


Step 13)

Repeating steps 5) 6) and 7) till your second side is complete as below.


Step 14) 

Repeat steps 10) 11) 12) and 13) so you have three sides like below.


Step 15)

Repeat above steps so all four sides are complete like pictured below.

Step 16)

Split the last whenu and knot it around the whenu crossing over it.


Step 17)

Roll the outside of the putiputi to the centre keeping the loose ends together.


Step 18)

With one hand holdng the stem, use the other hand to twist the loose ends and centre of the lilly parallel to the stem.



Roll the rest of the putiputi so the stems one piece.


Step 20)

Using two of the loose strips, tie tightly around the stem.


Step 21)

Use your hands to turn the putiputi into a lilly.


Our finished putiputi.