Kete waikawa (basket)


Now we’re going to make ourselves a kete waikawa (basket) The uses for kete waikawa i leave to the imagination. I use mine for all sorts, sock baskets, vegetable badkets, a puppy basket, a cats basket, the uses are endless, these kete are made specifically for allowing water to drain through.


step one: prepare 32 whenu as shown on the start here page.

step two: just like with the paro we pull one side of our whenu down so it looks like the picture below, do this to all  whenu.

step three: we’re going to create what will become the base and inside of our kete waikawa, by joining and adding our whenu

step four: now we whatu (entwine) around the base so that when we turn it over, it will hold together. (picture of the take getting cut once step four is complete)

step five: creating the corners

step six: joining the gaps

step seven: getting our ara (line)

step eight: locking off

step nine: finishing touches